Innovative, free pilot training now available – learn about how to support neurodiversity in the workplace

Smiling work colleagues at a meeting with the text 'A Neurodiversity friendly workplace is beneficial for everyone'

Piloting of our innovative, free training for SMEs and microenterprises on neurodiversity in the workplace is now commencing. This pilot training is part of our (r)evolutionary inclusion model and is designed to deepen understanding of neurodiversity at work and promote inclusion strategies to realise the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce.

The training programme modules focus on neurodiversity in the workplace looking at awareness raising, recruitment and onboarding, retention and professional development, design of the work environment and leadership.

If someone from your company would be interested in taking part in this innovative, free training, please contact the following project partners for more details on the training planned in the partner countries:

– ITALY: Chiara Marchetta (FORMA.Azione Giove In Formatica)

– IRELAND: Sinéad O’Brien (Specialisterne Ireland)

– BULGARIA: Anelia Miteva (CATRO Bulgaria)

– AUSTRIA: Peter Marckhgott (die Berater Unternehmensberatung)