Neurodiversity at Work (NEW) Awareness Raising Strategy Published

4 cover images of the Neurodiversity at Work Awareness Raising Strategy in each of the 4 project languages, English, Italian, Bulgarian and German.

The NEW project partners are delighted to share our NEURODIVERSITY Awareness Raising Strategy. This comprehensive document and promotional materials are an important first step in developing awareness and deepening understanding of neurodiversity within SMEs and microenterprises. The strategy and materials will support management, employees, and other relevant stakeholders, to introduce and embed the concept of Neurodiversity within the workplace. Through detailed actions for specific target groups, Neurodiversity can become better known and understood as an asset within organisations.

Our Awareness Raising Strategy has been designed to build a shared transnational model for raising the issue within SMEs and microenterprises. It aims to promote the inclusion and well-being of people with Specific Learning Differences at workplaces. The strategy also aims to support the effective management of Neurodiversity as a key asset in contemporary business, viewing it as a richness which has the potential to drive business towards a more ethical and prosperous future.

You can download the Awareness Raising Strategy and other materials in each of the project languages (Italian, English, German and Bulgarian) on our project website at As well as the comprehensive strategy document, the additional resource materials include leaflets for both staff and management on neurodiversity and a series of cards/posters to raise awareness. There are also Guidelines on Inclusive Communications, Guidelines on Conferences and Meetings, and a Glossary of relevant terms. We hope these resources support your company on its journey to becoming a neurodiversity-friendly and accepting workplace.