Third Transnational Meeting of the Neurodiversity at Work Project

Screen shot of participants at the Neurodiversity at Work project partner's meeting held online on Zoom March 8-9, 2023

The NEW project partners held our third formal Transnational Partner meeting online on March 8th and 9th, 2023, to review our work in progress and plan for the next steps. The online meeting is part of our commitment to being green and sustainable in our activities.

Our Neurodiversity Awareness Raising Strategy is almost finalised, and we will be launching this once final translations and graphic design work have been completed. We are excited to share this soon to support companies in raising awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace. The partners are now developing their national launch plans, before the Awareness Raising Strategy is formally launched in late March/April 2023.

The partners also reviewed the preliminary results of our survey to assess awareness and current practices, and identify training and competency development areas in SMEs and microenterprises. While the topic of neurodiversity is becoming better known, the survey has shown that there is a great need for training to deepen understanding and support companies to become more neurodiversity inclusive in how they operate. This is often challenging in smaller companies as they can lack the capacity and time to invest in this type of training and organisational development work. The survey results provide an excellent needs analysis which will now be used as we move onto phase 2, which aims to develop a neurodiversity at work (r)evolutionary inclusion model. This will include training activities and resources, and piloting practices, aimed at making both SMEs and micro companies’ managers and workers able to make value of Neurodiversity in the workplace. It will focus on 3 main areas: management, career management and professional development, and the organisation of the work environment.

During our project meeting, the NEW project partners also reviewed our dissemination activities, and how we can maximise the reach and impact of our project outputs. This includes the project website and social media channels, each partner’s websites and social media channels, as well as emails, meetings, events and webinars. Our national stakeholder committees also help disseminate the project among key stakeholders and networks. Each partner will also be running a multiplier event/conference in 2024.

As always, partners also reviewed our project progress in terms of overall management, the timeline of tasks, budgets, quality and evaluation.

We look forward to sharing more project updates with you soon.