Reasonable Accommodations: What is Reasonable when Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace?

Casual employees working in an office

Under the Irish Employment Equality Acts employers are required to make reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are changes or adaptations an employer makes to the workplace, such as adjustments to the environment or to a specific work practice, which supports people with disabilities to carry out their work on equal footing as their […]

Second Transnational Meeting of the Neurodiversity at Work Project

Participants at the Neurodiversity at Work project partner's meeting in Dublin September 13-14, 2023. Includes those attending in person standing in front of a screen showing those who attended online.

The Neurodiversity at Work (NEW) project partners met in Dublin on September 13 and 14, 2022, to review our work in progress and plan for the next steps. Thanks to our partner Specialisterne Ireland for hosting this meeting. Our draft Neurodiversity Awareness Raising Strategy was reviewed. Additional content is being developed to support awareness raising […]

First Transnational Meeting of the Neurodiversity at Work Project

Group photo of the NEW project partners at the project meeting in Perugia in March 2022

Our first Transnational Partner Meeting took place in Perugia, Italy on 28-29 March 2022 where our project partners met in person for the first time, and began work on our Neurodiversity at Work (NEW) Erasmus project. Thanks to our lead partner Forma Azione for hosting his productive kick-off meeting!