Supporting Neurodiverse Job Seekers and Employees to Gain and Maintain Employment

Picture of people working in an office

Unemployment figures for neurodivergent adults remain at a staggering 30-40%, with rates amongst the autistic population running as high as 85% when both unemployment and underemployment are taken into account. There are a number of reasons why these figures are so high, and I will be exploring some of these issues that the Specialisterne Ireland […]

Neurodiversity at Work (NEW) Awareness Raising Strategy Published

4 cover images of the Neurodiversity at Work Awareness Raising Strategy in each of the 4 project languages, English, Italian, Bulgarian and German.

The NEW project partners are delighted to share our NEURODIVERSITY Awareness Raising Strategy. This comprehensive document and promotional materials are an important first step in developing awareness and deepening understanding of neurodiversity within SMEs and microenterprises. The strategy and materials will support management, employees, and other relevant stakeholders, to introduce and embed the concept of […]

Third Transnational Meeting of the Neurodiversity at Work Project

Screen shot of participants at the Neurodiversity at Work project partner's meeting held online on Zoom March 8-9, 2023

The NEW project partners held our third formal Transnational Partner meeting online on March 8th and 9th, 2023, to review our work in progress and plan for the next steps. The online meeting is part of our commitment to being green and sustainable in our activities. Our Neurodiversity Awareness Raising Strategy is almost finalised, and […]

N.E.W. project survey in Italy

Picture of participants in online meeting held as part of the Neurodiversity at Work project

AIDP and FORMA.Azione have launched the NEW project survey in Italy, to explore how neurodiversity is being addressed and practiced in the workplace, also with the aim of raising awareness of entrepreneurs, HR managers and key stakeholders, about neurodiversity as a key asset in contemporary business. You can fill out the questionnaire here by the end […]